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Foster Care Program

Foster Care Program


Betamarsh Foster Care Program provides a family setting for boys and girls between the ages of three and eighteen who have experienced physical, sexual, emotional abuse or childhood trauma, as well as children who have demonstrated behavioural problems in their home, school and community. Some children are in care because there is conflict within the family or because a parent is ill. Other families can not provide adequate care or the necessities of life. Each child is experiencing a difficult time in his/her own life and requires the support / structure/consistency of a foster family in their lives. Some children may only require foster families for a short period of time like a few months and others may require a foster family until they finish school. The children and youth who are involved in the Betamarsh Foster Care Program attend community schools and should be capable of integrating with assistance and support into a school program.

Treatment Program


In addition to a consistent milieu, are clear expectations. BFCP provides specialized services for emotionally disturbed children and youth. A Plan of Care is developed for each child and youth through specialized treatment programs, the child is allowed to discover and articulate his or her own interests which may include the following:

Through specialized treatment programs, the child is allowed to discover and articulate his or her own interests.

Our staff has experience and skills in assisting children and youth to overcome a wide variety of emotional, physical and developmental delays.

Our Foster families are provided with:

Education Program


Betamarsh Incorporated has built a strong relationship with the Educational boards to help placing the children and youth into the most appropriate classroom setting. We also provide consultation by a Clinical psychologist to assist with learning disabilities, educational programming and psychological problems.

Our Goals


Betamarsh Foster Care Program helps each child develop the skills and self –confidence needed to grow into a secure responsible adult. Care is provided to children in specialized professional homes. These families have made a long term commitment to support the child in a positive manner, and to help the child develop family life skills for the future.

Experienced Treatment Foster Care


Funding for the Betamarsh Foster Care Program is on a per diem basis paid through contractual arrangement with the referring agent.



There are Specialized Foster family homes throughout the counties of Huron Perth and Middlesex. All Foster Parents are carefully assessed prior to acceptance by a three phase assessment program. The intent of such an intensive assessment is to ensure appropriate placements, long-term commitment and success for both the Foster parents and the youth.


Helena Krieger

Program Manager

Cell: 519-524-8012 ext:204

Fax: 519-524-6537

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