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Professional Development for The Staff and Foster Parents


Betamarsh has monthly in-service trainings to encourage personal growth and education and continues to have guest speakers come in and share their expertise in various areas such as Time Management, Behavioural Management, Bullying, Advocating for Special Needs Youth etc... Unfortunately winter makes it difficult to follow through with in-service training so we put it in the months that everyone can join us.

Betamarsh also encourages outside workshops that are relevant to the work that we do such as Trauma and Loss, Critical Role of Leadership in Organizational Health, Understanding Gay Culture, Addictions and mental Illness, etc...

Betty Bidwell also put together 29 modules that the staff can review updated information for self education opportunities. The objective of Phase one is to ensure the staff understands the treatment process and the individual programs.

The goals in this phase will expand the staff’s awareness; improve understanding of the work that we do; to increase knowledge of relationship building with emotionally and socially disturbed youth and provide information that will provide information and experience that will be beneficial for the staff’s role. The resources that will be included in this level will be: Making sense of Adolescence, Parenting the Explosive Child, Hold on to Your Kids etc...

The second phase is to give the staff a sense of the work required and the role that is going to be placed upon them. These resources will be for the staff to increase their knowledge of the youth who are in our care as well as better understanding of the goals of the programs and the services that we provide. Some of the resources that are available are: Childhood Depression, Bipolar disorder, Attachment Disorder and the Brain, Children of Trauma, etc...

Reaching Out


Betamarsh Incorporated is very aware that it takes a community to help raise a child.  At present, we work with and utilize the various community activities and schools.  Betamarsh is now "Reaching Out" to families and individuals that would be interested in becoming:


For more information regarding opportunties at Betamarsh Contact:

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