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Betamarsh Offers Participants:

Betamarsh works on a Strength Based Approach...(with participants)


The Treatment Team works together to ensure that the youth has all of his/her supports systems represented. A plan of care meeting is when the core persons (Primary Worker, Program Manager, Youth, Social Worker) meet to discuss how the youth is managing.

The baseline assessments are initially set up at the referral stage and then three months, six months and yearly after that. This is to review how the youth is doing as an individual as well as in the program that he/she is in.

Enhancements of Betamarsh Incorporated
Therapy iconAssessments icon Monthly Clubs icon Summer Camps icon Group Work
Art TherapydollsMedication EducationPlanned Sports ActivitesclimberMusic Camp Self Esteem
Play TherapyBaseline AssessmentsMusic ClubDrama Camp Life Skills
Animal Assisted TherapysheepDaniel Memorial AssessmentsCraft clubrocks Activities Camp Social skills
Theraputic TutoringTrauma Assessment and TreatmentActivities ClubSwimming Camp Self-awareness
Massage TherapyAddictions Assessment and TreatmentCooking ClubBaking and Cooking Camp Building Healthy Bodies
Foster Grand ParentingiconResiliency Assessments and TreatmentCommunity ActivitiesiconCraft Camp Building Healthy Relationships
New Sequential Model of Theraputic Assessment and TreatmentY.M.C.A.Horticultural Camp Drug Awareness Workshops
Mood Behavioural Disorders Assessment and TreatmentLibraryHorse Camp horseAnger Managment Workshops
Bruce Perry: Brain AssessmentSports ClubsAnimal Camp Alcohol-awareness
Volunteer OportunitiesiconProgramming with Trained Life Skills CoachesCubs,Scouts, Brownies and Guides horsesHealthy Sexuality
St Vincent de PaulSensory IntegrationDancing
Habitat for HumanitySelf RegulationMusic Lessons
S.P.C.A.RelationalYoga tires
Local ChurchesCognitiveJu-Jits-su/Karate/Kick-boxing

           Community Partners:


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