The Betamarsh Story

About Us

         Betamarsh Incorporated was established in 1981 with the first program called Homestead Life Skills Group Home and over the years, as the needs of the youth became apparent, other programs were developed under the umbrella of Betamarsh Incorporated. All past and present programs within Betamarsh work with a strength-base philosophy that is relevant to both the participants, as well as the staff.

         Founder, Doctor Betty Bedard Bidwell, understood that in order to generate a safe haven for each resident, it was essential to create a therapeutic milieu away from the city pressures and at a place that was rural for a more peaceful environment. In the rural settings, the residents have the opportunity to care for animals; creating an environment of unconditional love and acceptance.


We Do

           Betamarsh Incorporated provides stable, therapeutic residential and foster care environments, which take into consideration the individual needs of each youth.  Residents are provided with Individualized Therapeutic Programs tailored to address emotional, behavioral, educational and social difficulties.  Services include day-to-day life skills, individual and group support, counselling, educational and familial support. Betamarsh Incorporated provides an environment that empowers and promotes change and motivation. The environment is one that includes families, neighbourhoods, schools and the community. Each resident will have a sense of possibility and will feel that they are capable of managing the different life experiences confidently and productively.

Who We Are

New Executive Director, Blake Muxlow shaking hands with Betty Bidwell

New Executive Director at Betamarsh Incorporated 

“After 37 years of being the Executive Director, founder and creator of Betamarsh, I am pleased to pass the torch to Blake Muxlow, an individual that can bring this agency through another forty years of change, challenges and growth. I am positive that what Blake is able to bring to Betamarsh is exactly what is needed. His integrity, energy and his total commitment to the youth and staff is what is both needed, but absolutely necessary to ensure future success.  I am pleased to be in the position of Clinical Director and support Blake through the next phase of Betamarsh Incorporated.”
– Betty Bedard Bidwell
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