Referrals & Admission

Betamarsh Admission Process

Once Betamarsh Incorporated has been selected as an appropriate placement for the child, the referring caseworker is able to bring the child to the home. The worker is required to complete the Admission Form, Consent Forms, and a Service Agreement when placing the child. 
On the date of admission a Betamarsh staff member is assigned to orientate the new resident. This Betamarsh staff member will become the Primary Worker for this youth. The Primary Worker will complete a New Resident Checklist with the child and during this orientation the youth will receive a copy of the Programming Guidelines, which includes rules and routines of the home, consequences, rights, responsibilities, and daily structure. If a resident has any learning disabilities staff will review the handbook with the resident in greater detail until they are confident the child understands the material.
In some cases, youth must be admitted to care on an emergency basis. If there is a bed available Betamarsh Incorporated will try to accommodate the needs of the referring Children’s Service Agency.

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